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How to use

Can I use indoors?

Yes. Since the sound is quiet and does not emit harmful substances, you can use indoors safely.

Can I use outdoors?

Yes. You can use outdoors.

Can any water generate electricity?

Yes. Electricity can be generated with any water nearby, such as tap water, rainwater, river water, pond water, seawater, urine, and soy sauce.

Can any salt generate electricity?

Yes. Any salt can generate electricity.

Can I use outlet type (AC power source) home appliances?

Yes. By connecting to the included portable power supply, you can use outlet type (AC power source) appliances.

Can I use for any electrical appliances?

You can use electrical appliances that consume less than 200W.

Do the amount of salt water has to be just 2.6ℓ for generating electricity?

If it is around 2.6ℓ, electricity can be generated.

Does the salt concentration of the salt water must be 8-10% to generate the electric power?

If it is around 8-10%, you can generate electricity.

How long can electricity be generated?

One set of magnesium cartridge can generate electric power for approximately 60 hours.

Where should I keep it?

Store in a place that is not wet and low in humidity.

Will the machine break down if it gets wet?

Yes. However, please be careful not to wet the power supply connector with water. It may cause rust and electric leakage.

Can I use overseas?

Yes, you can use abroad.

Can it be transported by plane or ship?

Yes. However, please note that the included portable power supply contains a lithium battery and there are transportation restrictions.

Do I need regular maintenance?

No regular maintenance is required.

When using

How much noise is produced during power generation?

Almost no sound.

Does the machine get hot during power generation?

The machine does not get hot during power generation.

Is there any risk of fire or explosion during power generation?

There is no danger of fire or explosion on the body. However, please note that the included portable power supply contains a lithium battery, which may cause fire or explosion.

Is there any risk of electric shock during power generation?

Please note that if the power supply connector gets wet, there is a risk of electric leakage. If the power supply terminal gets wet, please stop using it and dry completely before use.

Is toxic gas generated during salt water power generation?

No toxic gas is emitted.

Do smell occur during power generation?

No smell occurs.

How many hours can electricity be generated continuously?

If you use continuously, magnesium will dissolve in the salt water and the power generation efficiency will drop. Hence, please clean after about 5 to 6 hours of continuous use.

Is it safe if the machine fell down during electric power generation?

Even if the machine fell down during power generation, water will not leak. However, please be careful when handling the the machine as it may cause a breakdown.

How do I know how much the magnesium cartridges are consumed?

You can check with the green lamp on the front of the machine.

How can I know when I should replace the magnesium cartridges?

The orange lamp on the front of the machine is a sign for replacing the magnesium cartridges.

What should I do if the error lamp lights up?

Please switch off and clean.

Aafter use

How do I need to care after use?

Drain the salt water, rinse the inside of the machine and magnesium cartridge and dry thoroughly.

If I plan to use within a few days, can I leave it without washing?

Since it may cause a decrease in power generation or breakdown, if you do not use it for more than one day, please make sure to clean.

Can I use the salt water again after use?

The salt water is changed to magnesium hydroxide by power generation, so please replace the salt water.

How can I drain salt water after use?

There is no problem with draining in the kitchen or washroom.

Is salt water safe after use?

The salt water is converted into magnesium hydroxide by power generation, but it is safe because it is harmless to humans and the environment.

Can the used magnesium cartridges be reused?

The magnesium cartridge melts and disappears depending on the power generation time, but you can use it as many times as you want until it completely disappears.

How do I dispose of the used cartridges?

You can dispose as normal non-combustible waste.

What is the white powder that adheres to the magnesium cartridge after use?

It is an oxide film formed by the chemical reaction of magnesium and salt water. Please wash it with water as it may cause a decrease in power generation.

What is the gray powder that sticks inside of the machine after use?

It is magnesium powder after the magnesium cartridge has melted.

If you wonder breakdown?

The electrical appliances does not work.

Please make sure that the power consumption of the electrical appliances is less than the supported output.

The power does not turn on even when the switch is turned on.

Please check that the usage is correct and that the magnesium cartridges are inserted correctly.

We used several times and electric power generation became weak.

Please try again after washing the magnesium cartridges and the machine.


How long is the warranty period?

One year from the date of purchase.

Can I repair after the warranty period?

Repair service is available after the warranty period for a fee.

How do I submit a repair request?

Please request from our inquiry form.

How long is the repair period?

The target is about one month. The period may vary depending on the damaged part, the damage situation, and the stock status of parts.